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RM&NS EP1 Rich Mattson and the Northstars - OUT THERE - November 2022 Sparta Sound/Poor L'amour Records

RM&NS EP1 Rich Mattson and the Northstars - SKYLIGHTS - February 2021 Sparta Sound/Poor L'amour Records

RM&NS EP1 Rich Mattson and the Northstars - Totem - January 2019 Sparta Sound/ iTunes

RM&NS EP1 Rich Mattson and the Northstars - Aeroplane Mode - October 2017 Sparta Sound/ iTunes

RM&NS EP1 Rich Mattson and the Northstars - Starmaps - October 2016 Sparta Sound/ iTunes

RM&NS album1 Rich Mattson and the Northstars - S/T - June 2015 Sparta Sound/iTunes

RM&NS 7" Rich Mattson and the Northstars - This Town/Points North 7" - October 2014 Sparta Sound (also available as download from bandcamp)

RM&NS LIVE Rich Mattson and the Northstars LIVE - 2014 FREE DOWNLOAD (Soundcloud)

GENERATOR Germaine Gemberling "Generator" 2013 Chaperone Records

LEVELS Ol' Yeller - "LEVELS" 2012 Sparta Sound/iTunes

The Tisdales' Apple Music Channel:

SUPERCALDERA The Tisdales - "Supercaldera" 2012 Sparta Sound/iTunes Bandcamp

JUNKBOAT Junkboat - self-titled 2011 Sparta Sound/iTunes

OUTWITHTHENEW The Tisdales - "Out With the New" 2010 Eclectone Records/iTunes Bandcamp

BAKERSDOZEN The Tisdales - "Bakers Dozen" 2008 SMA Records/iTunes Bandcamp

GOODLUCK Ol' Yeller - "Good Luck" 2006 SMA Records/iTunes

SOUNDER Ol' Yeller - "Sounder" 2004 SMA Records/iTunes

PENANCE Ol' Yeller - "Penance" 2003 SMA Records/iTunes

NUZZLE Ol' Yeller - "Nuzzle" 2002 SMA Records/iTunes

COUNTRY Ol' Yeller - "Country" 2003 SMA Records/*Blue Rose Records (currently unavailable)

ST Ol' Yeller - s/t 2001 SMA Records Bandcamp

DEMOHITS The Glenrustles - "Demo Hits '88-93" 2004 Flowerpot/SMA Records Bandcamp

HONEYGREASEANDNEPTUNE The Glenrustles - "Honey Grease and Neptune" 1999 SMA Records

FIREATNIGHT The Glenrustles - "Fire At Night" 1997 SMA Records

INSTONE The Glenrustles - "In Stone" 1996 SMA Records

BROOD The Glenrustles - "Brood" 1995 SMA Records/iTunes

The Glenrustles - Brood: Oat-takes, 8 previously unreleased songs only available from BANDCAMP

INSPIRAL NOTEBOOKS Rich Mattson - "Inspiral Notebooks" 2007 SMA Records/iTunes

FOLK SONG FAVORITES The Bitter Spills - "Folk Song Favorites" 2008 MoFolk Records/iTunes

VOL. 4 The Bitter Spills - "Sing Folk Songs Vol. IV" 2009 MoFolk Records

VOL. 3 The Bitter Spills - "Sing Folk Songs Vol. 3" 2007 MoFolk Records Bandcamp

VOL. 2 The Bitter Spills - "Sing Folk Songs Vol. 2" 2006 MoFolk Records Bandcamp

GERMAINE Germaine Gemberling - s/t 2010 (RM on guitars) MoFolk Records/iTunes

DEMOS VOLUME 1 Rich Mattson -the demos volume 1 - 2014 bandcamp

DEMOS VOLUME 2 Rich Mattson - the demos volume 2 - 2014 bandcamp

DEMOS VOL. 3 Rich Mattson - the demos volume 3 - 2014 bandcamp


Discography: recorded albums

Dave Rave and the Governors: Ashtray Makeup + iTunes link (2011), Sweet American Music (2014), Radio Rave (2016), Indicator EP (2017), All Night Raves (2018) and January and June (2020) Rich Mattson: Guitars, bass, co-writer, production/mixing at Sparta Sound.

Danny Commando y los Guapos: Hell Over Purgatory (RM on drums) 2001 Garage D'or Records
Danny Commando y los Guapos: Karmageddon 2002 SMA Records
The Odd: Oh My G*d, It's the Odd (RM on bass) 1998 Preaching Leech Productions

The Minnesota Folk Tour Album, summer 2004. Limited edition; 100 made. Released in conjunction with The Minnesota Folk Tour featuring Baby Grant Johnson, Charlie Parr, and Rich Mattson.

Grand Champeen/Ol' Yeller split single, 2002; available from Glurp Records.


Thank You Friends: An Almost There Records Salute To Big Star: 2008 Our friends in Austin Texas put together this wonderful tribute to the great Big Star and were kind enough to include Ol' Yeller, performing "Thank You Friends". CD also features the Service Industry, Grand Champeen, Glossary, Mike Nicolai, Moonlight Towers, and many more...find it HERE.

The World Turns All Around Him-A Tribute to Gene Clark: Fall 2006 Swedish label Groover Recordings put together this loving tribute to one of Ol' Yeller's #1 favorite songwriters, Gene Clark (a.k.a. the "Tambourine Man" of the Byrds). Naturally, we had to be involved, contributing the track, "Something's Wrong".

Almost There - Turn 2: Summer 2006 Austin Texas label making compilations and all around supporting good music. Comp also features the Tinys, Moonlight Towers, Milton Mapes, Mandible, and 18 more! Available HERE.

Duluth Does Dylan Revisited: Spring 2006 Compilation of Duluth and northern Minnesota bands covering Bob Dylan. Ol' Yeller (RM) does "When the Ship Comes In". Get one HERE.

SMA Records - Compilation #1: March 2005 Limited edition, 100 copies made. 12 tracks in all, all SMA Records recording artists from in and around Minneapolis.

How Long Have You Been In Love? : Twin Ports MAC benefit CD, December 2004. This is a neat compilation of Minnesota (mostly from Duluth) musicians who were asked to record the first song they ever fell in love with. Ol' Yeller throws in "Sweet Surrender", originally by John Denver. This is a nice mellow disc, proceeds of which benefitted the now defunct Twin Ports Music and Arts Collective.

INRADIO 7: Perritos, May 2004. In Radio makes some very cool compilations. Here Ol' Yeller throws in a song from the upcoming "Sounder" album.

Iron Country, October 2003. Spinout Records A Duluth MN/Iron Range country comp featuring Charlie Parr, the White Iron Band, Doug Ellis and more. Ol' Yeller contributes a quasi-political rant called "We Are Under Mob Rule." Get it HERE.

Best of the Brewhouse Vol III: LIVE ON KUMD, Feb. 2003. Ol' Yeller was on John Zeigler's radio show in January of 2002. We played lot of tunes, the one selected for this compilation is an old Glenrustles song that the Glenrustles never played live called "Desolation Underground." This may still be available from KUMD, 103.3 Duluth.

TWIN TOWN Music Yearbook Volume IV 2001-2002. Released by City Pages, featuring Mallman, Ouija Radio, 12 Rods, Honeydogs... Ol' Yeller plays "Sleep It Off", still unreleased anywhere else. Not sure how to find this one anymore.

More too obscure to mention..........or swept under the rug...or forgotten......(sorry, it's hard to keep up with myself)...

Below are listed bands/artists/albums/cds that I recorded, mixed and/or mastered at either my old studio, Flowerpot, in Minneapolis, or at Sparta Sound, up in Sparta. Some of the bands werent recording for an album, more documenting for their own enjoyment and to get their music to friends and family. Some listed as “session” I am not sure if the music was released in any form, or I didn't get a copy of the release. This list shall continue to grow...

Bret Berka
Misisipi Mike Wolf
Craig Teiken: Just
The Minor Birds
Breanne Marie and the Front Porch Sinners: Juniper
Leslie Rich and the Rocket Soul Choir: The Butcher Boy
Dan Israel: Social Distance Anxiety Disorder
One Less Guest: Monochrome
Sugar On the Roof
Calamity Jean: Superior
Thor Leseman
Annie Humphrey: Eat What You Kill
She Shells
Scott Miller and Pat O’Keefe
Rob & Jill
Craig Paquette: Won’t Last Forever
Woodland: Bluebird
Blake Shippee
Double Luxury
Keith Secola and Sam Sampson
Eveleth All Stars: Hurry!
Headlight Rivals: Mattson
Sara Softich: Heart In the Moonlight
Mike and Martha Tifft
Brazzilla: All Night Music

Big Into
Steve Marko
Buck Aldrich
Craig Paquette
Rob Stealcheat and the Liars
Moose Crotch Outlaw Claw
The Langertsons
Lesser Planets
Big Waves and Bonfires
Washboard Road - The Road Scholars
Rich Yarges and the Pop Mechanics
Horse Fzce
Sara Alexander
Kyle Hotchkiss
Glen’s Neighbor
Plucked Up String Band
20 Watt Stories
Trampas Kayhill
Dan Israel - You’re Free
White Iron Band - Homebrew
Whale In the Thames - Whale Stampede
Breanne Marie and the Front Porch Sinners - Wildflowers and Tumbleweeds
Edie Rae
JP and the Bad Ideas
She Shells
Lisa Kane - the Long Goodbye
Jason Waldron Band

Kristy Marie & the Birdiecrats
Mama's Stolen Horses
Hillions - Hibernator
Souler/Jim Collins
Steve Solkela
Micheal Miller
Joe Carey - Comeback
Sam Miltich
Fearless Moral Inventory
Bridget's Cadillac
Lazer Bear
If Thousands
The Changeups - Unhinge the Moon
Shine Jar
JP and the Bad Ideas
Paul Seeba

Holy Hootenanners
Clare Lockman
Wolf Blood
Man In the Moon
Josh Palmi
Earthquakes and Heartaches
the NodAways
Bret Berka/Brother Love Band
Feeding Leroy
Grave Trio
the Puritones
Dan Fiskum
Susan Odella
John Ely
Paul Mayasich
Hobo Revival
Deb Jarvela: Accostic Poems
Gene LaFond & Amy Grillo
Scarlett Rivera
Rob the Carpenter
Al Oikari
Maurice Champagne
The Burnt Waffles
Gilbertson Brothers

Christopher David Hanson Band
San Souci Quartet
Big Wave Dave and the Ripples
The Keepaways
Wino, WI
The Formal Age
Silverback Colony
Grave Trio
The Nodaways
Mike McCoy
Earthquakes and Heartaches
Jim Crego
Chris Ray
Bill Maurin
Wes Hadrich
Marc Coleman/Marcsonic
The Farsights
Paul Seeba
Cookie Carlson
Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank

Dan Israel
The People’s Chariot
Al Grande
Madame Gazelle
Keith Secola
The Underwriters
Brothers Burn Mountain

McKeon Roberts
Next Of Kin
Martin Devaney
White Iron Band
Dave Rave
Rosebud Social
Roxie Magistrate

Colleen Myhre: Ride of My Life
Concrete Marshmellow
Brother Jack and the Dearly Departed
Tod Swenson

Giljunko: Gaspump Graveyard
The Crime Novels: Waiting On Mr. Divine
Tuesday’s Lifted: Lazy Nightmare
Dirty Robbers: Play Dirty
Effloresce: self-titled
The Rogue States: Flag Day
Poosa: Hyacinth
Line On Sid: promo cd
Lotus: Promo
20 Questions: I’m Not Gonna Get It
Mock Duck: demo
Sircuss: Ringtoss (mastering from cassette 4-track)
That’s What You Get: Oxycontinent
Trailer Park Queen: Wrong Side of the 4-Track
Lateduster: self-titled
The Sensational Joint Chiefs: Lost Stepchild
The Birdy Four: ep
Flip Top Box: Worthless
Frances Gumm: My Sweet Demise
Popcycle: Heyday
The Whiskey Sournotes: Gold Vol. III
The Exceptionals: self-titled
The Busiest Bankruptcy Lawyers In Minnesota: Move To Canada
The Peasants: God-Forsaken Life (1989-1999 Collection)
Shotgun Daisy: self-titled
Trampled By Turtles: Trouble
Saint Blaze: the FLowerpot Sessions
The Hothead Fiasco: “the best of..”
Mock Duck: Pitch a Fit
The Marones: demo ep
Mock Duck: Girth
The Gleam: Lookout For Evils
The New Vintage: self titled
Two Many Banjos: Give Me Time
Two Many Banjos: Trouble In Paradise

The Diodes: self-titled
Rich Serafin: This Is the Life
Blue Violets: Sun Fried Dreams
Spikedriver: Royola
Livery Stables: self-titled
Lackluster Dodge: self-titled
Rusty String Quartet: The Flowerpot Sessions
Sunshine: Just Because (cd single)
The Gleam: The Chisago County E.P.
Christmas Anxiety-compilation
The Gypsy Prophets: self-titled
Buzz Schneider: A Bit of Nonsense
Kingdom of Ghosts: Die Breathing
Patches and Gretchen: Sugar Head Pie
Gartband: Fatwa
Hot Dog Skeletons: Rooted To the Spot
The Crop: Groan
Jennifer Markey and the Tennessee Snowpants: the Sparta Session
Ryan Van Slooten: All But My Soul
The Slush Puppies: Introducing the Slush Puppies
Old Knifey and the Cutthroats: self-titled (mastering)
Mammy Nuns: Play Something You Know
John Ewing Band: Delta Flares
Campfighter: self-titled
Crown Vics: self-titled
Popcycle: Welcome To the World
The Birdy Four: Tortoise
The John Ewing Band: Seen Yer Face
Mezzofist: Can’t Find My Habit
Greg Cardinal Band: self-titled
Trailer Trash: Hell, It’s Christmas
Anchorhead: Disaster
White Iron Band: Take It Off the Top
Lunar Crest: End of the Beginning
Jake Wisti and the Centurions: We Will Destroy U
The Sensational Joint Chiefs: Mornin’ Train
Blame: Red Eyes and Sincerity
Static Taxi: Stinson Blvd. (mixing)
2i: self-titled
Wyatt Famous: Wolves’ Clothing
Good Colonels: self-titled
Uberscenester: The Mini LP
Popcycle: Songs In the Key of D Minus
Uberscenester: Shooting Stars (2 songs)
Raven: Awaken
Lateduster: EP2
Busiest Bankruptcy Lawyers In MN: covers
Rich Serafin: Naked Monsters (mixing/mastering)
Viewmaster: Otherday
The Doxies: Tinderbox Tragedy
Rusty String Quartet: Barnica
Blame: Dang!
Erik Miller: Ramshackle Charm
20 Questions: Used
Poosa: The German Preoccupation
Static Taxi: Take City (mixing)+Closer 2 Normal
John Ewing: Augustine
Waterbabies: 24 Hours With Mark
Little Man: Big Rock
Stepchild: forwarnandthedog
Shoe Shiners: Fashion House
Band of Northern Aggression: The First
High Drama Blues: self-titled
Four Horse Johnson: Transmission
St. Dominic’s Trio: Switch
Cars & Trucks: Mere Mortals
Trampled By Turtles: Duluth
Waltah PPK: Contract
Ether Monkeys: self-titled
Brenda: King Cox
Youngers: self-titled
Betty Drake: demo
Dan Kalal: masterpiece
Matt Ray: Old Crow
Swingdogs: s/t
Plain Jane: s/t
Fairytale Flunkies: s/t
Ben Durbin’s Modern Antiques: Sweet Precious Time
Hazy Dave Hazledine: Silent Offering + 14 more
Ouija Radio: demos/singles
Dutch Oven (mastering)
Little Black Books: wide variety/many sessions
The Dank Skank: sessions
Slipshod: Eleven After One
Roy Hubbs: The Portable Roy Hubbs
Chris O’Brien and Cohorts: Worlds That We Might See
Hotel Coral Essex: Glisten
The Squidballs: received
flatstor: s/t
Barbara Meyer: s/t
D’Leader: Pickin’ Up The Bone
Mike Nicolai: God Fatigue In the Post Atom Age
Serotonia: It IS You
Doghouse Roses: Flat Tire Feeling
Manifold Destiny: s/t
Hell City Hell (compilation, Kirk St. James song)
Los Straitjackets: Sing Along With Los Straightjackets (one song)
One Man Dan: No Such Thing
Ashley Northey: ep
Old Knifey and the Cutthroats: ep
Boogie Nights: demos
Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses: Then/Now
Bob Rue and the Distractions: cd
Chris Tessmer: session
Dirty Horse: the Tartan EP
Aurora Baer: session
Petty Demons: Side A
The Acceleratii: s/t
Mike Drianis: session
Sela Oveson: Rogue Lightning
Mark Henderson & the Mojosaurus Blues Band: many sessions
Saint Anyway: session/single
Clint Hanson: s/t?
Coyote: When It All Comes Down
Rory James: session
Iron Range Outlaw Brigade: Shootin’ Shells & Raisin’ Hell
Junkboat: s/t
Magpies: s/t
Portrait of a Drowned Man: session
Old Stage Tapes (mastering)
Boomchucks: s/t
Brenda: Zeppelin Three
Congo Eels: session
Sports!: session
Big Jesus and the Homeless Bastards: sessions
Patches and Gretchen: Music From Little big Pink
Pacific Phonograph Co.: session
Howlin’ Andy Hound: Street Corner Melody (mastering)
Thee Viceroys: s/t vinyl
The Six 9’s: many sessions
Charlie Parr: sessions
Marc Gartman: Me & My Big Ego
Zach “Spills” Bushey: session
Kingdom Of Ghosts: s/t
You Can’t Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms: session
Southpa: sessions
Lifestyle of Wigs: sessions/album
The Earl Chronicles: s/t
The Bad Sweaters: Christmas Party
The Gleam: Sunrise
Riff Schlitz and his Magic Squares: All World Rekuds
Nightinghales: Leaves of Green, Songs of Blue
The Easyhearts: session
Flamin’ Oh’s: Long Live the King
Nick Robin: session
Nixon: session
Manheat: session
Sam Planet Group: session
The Overcomers: sessions
Shattered Grave: I still owe Rich Mattson $50 session
Superhopper: session
Beangirl: Boner For a Beer/Party Sensation
Capital Sons: s/t
Minneapolis Punk Compilation: All Go! No Slow!
Trailer Trash: Christmas Vol. 2 “All Lit Up”
Unguided: session
Dan Israel: first album
Peal: their last album
Matt Marka: Pete Repeat
Murderapolis (mastering)
Nikki Mattson & Rich Rue: session
Bee Family: session
Joe Baumgart: session
The Infestations: session
Rebecca Spartz: session
Curtis Mattson: session
National High Horse: session
Cindy Stevens: session
Damage Deposit: session
Black Honkeys: session
Copter Boy: session
Grand Champeen: single
Hillbilly Voodoo Dolls: session
Meezer: session (Weezer cover band)
Jehovah’s Shitlist: session
Sawboss: session
Chester Bay: session
Tinnitis: session

Below are some cassettes, back in the ‘90’s we made “demo tapes”: Sometimes they would get named like an album, other times it was just “DEMO”. I don’t own a copy of all of them, but here’s a good bunch I recorded:

Saucer: Emergency Exits
Frank Fitzgerald and the Nifty Chickens
Nobody’s Breakfast: Generation Scum
Rick Ness & Phil Mann
Kirk St. James
The Bleeding Hearts (featuring Mike Leonard, produced by Slim Dunlap)
Lefty Lucy
Malaka: Output
Mind To Gain
American Paint: No. 1
60 Cycle Hum
Bababooey: “Juice”
Giljunko: many many sessions
Manitoba: they had the name first..made a great tape
Jason Logan
Mudskipper: Liquor Chicken
Drown: Riding the 21
Oxidizer: 24 Hour Bowling
The Grovers: Blunderbuss
The Odd: Journey To the Center of Your Jeans
The Peasants: 3
The Peasants: Eat Paste
The Peasants: Levitate the Pentagon
The Peasants: Strike Out
Steve Thompson and Friends
Lotus Eaters
The Renfields
Taconite Haven
Boca Ratons
Sorry I Came
Monte Soul: Spurned
Joe Citizen: Helpless To Heal
Brenda: first demo
Brenda: Better Demo
Brenda: Hot Numbers
The Surfaces
Ouija Radio
Corpus Callosum
Dirty Robbers
Bob Trussell
Trailer Park Queen: In Vitro
Giljunko: North of the Mason Nixon LIne
Fabiolas: Geison’s Way
Busiest Bankruptcy Lawyers In Minnesota
Brenda: At Mars
Steinhouse: Bully
Bob Ahern: Primordial Soup
Tony Roos
The Squidballs
Amy Fisher
Bababooey: Ether Sucks
ShitFi: a la Domestique
Dog 994: The Jerkwater Sessions
Brenda: Pretenda
Animal Mammal
Mary & J.G. EverestJack Chase
Dana Thompson
Black Water Fever
The Regulars
Mark Saari
Steve Mann
Little Tin Gods
Dan Wall
John Olson
Greg Beech
The Elderly
Hot Date
The Sournotes
Leo Kuelbs
Spit Cool
Tailspin Eddie (Kyle Killoran)
Dillenger 4
Vaseline Trampoline
Adjustable Boy
Dan Monick and Howard
Zapruder’s Slungshot
Third Wheel
Lance Nevin
Tummy Vessel
The Wobblies
Better Off Airport
Scooby Don’t
Amanda Ferguson
Dan Greenwood
John’s Black Dirt
Babes In Toyland
Kat Bjelland/Mike Meadows
Box Of Steaks
Nancy Olson
Salmon Bladder 2000
Tom Siler: Stingeblazer
Nerve Naked
Video Nastys
Fruit Jar Stackers
Malice In Wonderland
The End
Dan McNeil
Jaron Childs
Hangar 18
Deitrich Weiss
Real Estate Fraud
Lynn Varco
John Waden
Daryl & the Derelicts
More RAM
Guardians Of Liberty
Touchy Feely Boy
Mean Larry
El Kabong
Mark Mallman
Hoovers Wheel
Mike Moore
Jim Crego
Bee Family
The Room

....and a bunch of 7” records by:

Lefty Lucy
Hot Date
Vinegar Madonna
Dog 994
Vinnie and the Stardusters
The Renfields
American Paint
Bill Racine